In his continued effort to better the world and our scene, Kaskade decided to go after one of the bigger nuisances in EDM and the music scene overall. That’s right, I’m talking about ticket scalpers, the people whose sole purpose in life is to make it harder for you to attend the events you like, and hear the music you love, while making a pretty penny off of your misfortune. Cue in Kaskade, EDM’s white knight in shining armor. In his latest adventure, Kaskade decided it would be a good idea to confront some of those individuals who thrive on cheating real fans out of events. Ryan Raddon took to Craigslist, found one of many individuals up-selling tickets for his April 30th show at Boston’s Bijou Nightclub and decided to take matters into his own hands by meeting the scalper in question under a false identity. David, the scalper, who was planning on selling his ticket for $200 was probably not expecting a personal visit by Kaskade.





So moral of the story? If you want to meet Kaskade…become a ticket scalper