Oh. My. Goodness.

This is art; this is pure electronic bliss. This album shows a multitude of genre influences, from beautifully composed progressive house tunes to heart-wrenching trance, from deep to hard house music, and everything in between, this album is a production masterpiece and listener’s dream.

The only thing as impressive as the range in genre influences is the sheer quantity of work in this, a full fledged album. A total of 13 tracks with impressive content in each and every one (plus an awesome little mini-mix), this is something we just don’t see enough of nowadays.

Full stream here:

Whilst you listen, read my rant

Electronic music is almost exclusively delivered through “quicker” means as internet-driven releases encourage artists to drop as much music as possible, as quickly as possible. For this reason it is rare to see such a lengthy and in-depth album nowadays. This is something that I personally miss, despite being a 20 year old born of the digital age. I would rather listen to a full, double-digit track album than put my collection of tunes on shuffle; and I believe that remains true for much of the music-enthused youth today as well.

This collection is a journey that we wish to take part in more often. So, thank you, Nigel Good, for putting together a splendid assemblage of music for us to enjoy. Count on me digging in my pockets for the $10 so that I can depart on this adventure with you time and time again.

Join us, and buy the album on iTunes here.