Every once in awhile, there comes a song that provides a certain level of grime for dance floors. Trap music offers an outlet for even the most proper and fanciest of folk to unleash their inner freak. This is the kind of music where hands shake in the air as booties quake everywhere to music from producers and DJs like D!RTY AUD!O.

Seeing exposure from labels like Cr2 and Dim Mak, D!RTY AUD!O has been spreading his body moving music for over two years. Now he presents his latest remix of rapper Kordero “Kstylis” Williams’ anthem “Booty Hopscotch” with a dirtier rendition for those who desire the filthier things in life. While keeping Kstylis’ rap for the build, D!RTY AUD!O speeds up the whole thing with an overdose of snares and pure grittiness every second of the way. Check out the full preview below and leave your rating or comments on D!RTY AUD!O’s supreme remix.