The videogame loving vlogmaster beardyman we call Stephen Walking has done it again. By “it” I mean he produced another colossal creation for his fellow Canadian Monstercat friends to release. This time “Excellent Choice” was chosen to grace our ears with its wild and wacky attitude.

The fun-loving introduction welcomes the soul inside where the electro madness is dropped onto the scene. Mike’s troop of distinctly well-crafted sounds rage together in a wicked web of rhythms that force full body gyrations at 118 beats per minute. The Toronto producer has amazed me since my beginnings at Moombroton (RIP); to see him continuously expand his horizons while honing his skills is exciting to watch. Also exciting, as well as crazy and hearty, are the experiences that occur while listening to a Stephen Walking track, let alone his latest one “Excellent Choice,” so indulge yourself in the jungly goodness that is this damn good decision right now.

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