Have you ever felt down in the dumps because you’d never experienced a drop ignited by the clash of two samurai swords? That question was ambiguous – of COURSE you’ve been bummed out about the lack of Japanese warrior blades sparking your drops. Well, fear no more, because Eruku is here to fill that once empty void in your trap-thirsty soul.

I don’t really know anything about Eruku. “Samurai” is the first song he (she? they?) has posted on his Soundcloud, and his Facebook and Twitter pages were both created earlier today. What I do know is that this songs frickin’ bangs. The track has a very oriental feel throughout, and as I alluded to earlier, the drop is kind of awesome. Scratch that – it is superbly awesome, and will make you want to skewer something (but in a totally safe way, obviously).

Enjoy the free download, and let’s hope to hear more from this trap-tastic newcomer.