KR$CHN has been steady grinding in the studio trying to put together solid works of emotional music that may catapult his career into limelight. His music has got him here before, but today we are lucky enough to present the premiere of his brand new original “Don’t Need Better.” With the sensual sounds and solacing vibes that emanate from this production, there’s nothing better you could ask for, especially when it’s packaged and placed freely in front of you to download. The intro, with it’s ambient subtleties and chopped vocals, reminds me of Pogo; however the meat of this cool creation, cut time time or otherwise, is something more unique to KR$CHN himself. Hailing from Chicago, this cat put house to the side to settle for a more underground style that he is becoming really in tune with. “Don’t Need Better” is one of his dopest songs yet and I can’t wait to see what he can bring to the table in the future.

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