Today I present to you something your Mother probably isn’t going to jive with, but I have a strong feeling that you will. “Severance” is a free download from the new musical act AM138 who reside in Los Angeles while making their techy electro beats. For their first track on Soundcloud, it is quite the piece of music. Very dark, deriving from its gritty vocoded expression that acts like a bassline and its ominous partner, a synthetic bell of sorts that walks the line between dreamy and nightmare-ish. It’s so lovely. The industrial vibe this leeks is tainted with a spacey hint that makes this incredibly refreshing whether you deem it techno or house. I can’t wait to hear more from AM138; the good thing is another track from the project will be coming out May 13th. Be ready, because I have a feeling it is going to be even better than this track we have here today. And this one is monstrous!

Free Download