No matter how hard you try to grow-up and become your own person separate from your parents the old saying remains true: “the apple never falls far from the tree”.

One thing my mother raised me on and exposed me to from a very young age was excellent music. I grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix, CCR, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Segar, Van Morrison, Billy Joel–everything amazing from their era and arguably some of the most timeless tunes ever made. Music is a huge part of my life and I know I can thank my mother for my good taste and the keen ear I apply to today’s music. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from long road trips in the car when songs like Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” would come on the radio and my mom would laugh as she sang “laaaaaa, la la la la laaaaa” and my dad would hysterically play the imaginary dashboard keys as though he was a professional pianist. I grew up dancing and being silly to music and it’s the reason I can easily go to shows or festivals and let loose–the one release I have in this world that keeps me sane.

Several years ago I played some EDM songs in the car for my mother half expecting her to hate them, but to my surprise she loved them. I started her off very easy with tracks like Alesso and Dirty South’s “City Of Dreams” and Zedd‘s “Spectrum“. When those went over very well I moved to the harder side of the spectrum, Bassnectar‘s “Butterfly” and Knife Party’s “Centipede“. When she immediately enjoyed Bassnectar it absolutely warmed my heart that something that makes up almost the entirety of my life could be shared with my mom. I never expected genres so different than what is on the radio to resonate with her, but I was very happy it did. Music is always something we want to share with those we love the most, and when you can share music this happy and upbeat with one of your parents, it’s really an amazing thing.

Below I’ve made a playlist of songs I think my mom will enjoy as a way to say thank you for sharing something that’s such a large part of my life with me. It’s full of remixes of songs from her era as well as some new songs she hasn’t heard yet but I think she’ll enjoy. I love you, Mom!

Want to share dance music with your mom? Some of the oldies remixes on this list might be just the thing that bridges the gap between her generation and ours. Give it a try, it just might get a great conversation going.

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