Since having worked with Colorado natives since the beginnings of my times in the blogosphere, it’s no wonder how I found out about Robotic Pirate Monkey when they were in their infancy. Since, they’ve toured the United States, opened for Krewella and Savoy; hell they even used to have three members, but now they are down to two with a spot on Circle Talent Agency’s lineup. Their idiosyncrasy of rock-fused bass is not easily matched in uniquity by many; just one of the pieces of evidence I have for that claim comes in the form of their newest song “Trigger Happy.”

For many of their songs, there’s some glitchy goodness thrown into the mix similar to that of “Trigger Happy.” Very much influenced by the hip-hop world, this song takes a martial approach to tangling these multiple genres together. That’s no better exemplified by the second drop whose gutsy girth drops on you harder than a ton of gold would. In my opinion, that’s what they struck here with “Trigger Happy.” Click the link for a fast and easy free download of this production and stay tuned for more from these guys. They straight murder it!

Free Download