The unnecessarily heavy bass-haven that is Wobbleland in Northern California has released it’s official 2014 after movie this afternoon and bring on the flashbacks. Coming from the same Wobbleland that brought out the artillery from the likes of SkismFuntCaseDoctor P, Cookie MonstaProtohype, Minnesota, and more, it was a well crafted throwback into that wild night. The review of which you can recap HERE, just incase you needed a refresh.

This years video was crafted by non other then Jon Zombie Productions & pals, which throws an interesting twist and take on the glimpse into the insanity held within this past Wobbleland. Special thanks again to VITAL & Midnite Events for having my staff and I out to rage alongside them, 4,000+ other rabid bassheads, and a stacked lineup.

Never been to this wonderful place? It definitely is a must see to scratch that bass itch, especially if you live in Northern California! Get more info HERE to get excited for the 2015 show!

via lessthan3