Would you have guessed from your pre-21st century self looking forward to present day that Dj’s would reign over the music industry and the act itself would become one of the most sought out after careers of 2014? Where today everyone wants to take a chance at spinning it seems that just 10 years ago, other than at underground warehouse parties, Dj’s were booted off stage to do their spinning out of sight where if they were lucky would see the bright lights and be able to perform in a similar location as the drummer. Looking 20/ 20 in hindsight thinking about that is perpetually crazy because at this point in this day in age Electronic Dance Music shows and festivals have squared up to their Rap or Rock N’ Roll counterparts quite possibly surpassing them in regards to attendance and popularity. All for a Dj!

With the extroadinary uprising and diversified success of Electronic Music stateside these past years, it poses many questions. A question of whether or not, “Dj’s are the new kings” ABC in a recent segment asks as they send a fellow reporter into TomorrowWorld where he soon discovers a wealth of information about our scene. Now one of the biggest things he first encounters is the ravers welcoming him with open arms how he emphasizes, “I’m embraced by strangers from all over the world as a long lost friend”. Now we all now our scene, #PLUR life, but what’s interesting is their comparison to music a decade ago verses today. Mentioning that huge pop names such as Britney Spears and Rihanna, to name a few, are crossing over collaborating with huge name Dance music DJ/ Producers and making it to live radio. It’s a true statement as one of the ABC segment guests states, “a decade ago this dancey stuff you hear on the radio wouldn’t have received air time, at best it would be aired as the club remix”. With everyone that follows the dance scene meticulously, you’ve seen Dance cross over into every major genre and sub genre thereafter and back again which points to the answer to the question of whether, “DJs are the new kings” with a big yes!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think!

-Chris Wood-