E·phem·er·al (adjective) – lasting for a very short time.

Bassheads rejoice!

Today, Bassnectar unleashed another new track, “Ephemeral,” from his upcoming double LP. Noise Vs. Beauty is coming June 24th, but now we have another sneak peak to hold us over. (Check out “Now” if you missed it!)

Ephemeral will dial into your synapses almost immediately. The soothing melody brings us back to the “Mezmorizing the Ultra” Nectarstyle with progressive builds, no drops and plenty of euphoria in-between – a spiritual successor to the track “Leprechauns Arise.” While Bassnectar has dabbled in a more hardcore sound in recent performances with smashers like “Raw Charles,” Protohype‘s “Say My Name” and Excision‘s “Get Stupid,” Ephemeral proves he has not lost touch with his most inherent style.

Lorin actually released this tune with the help of his ambassadors. Hasan Zaidi first posted it to Facebook earlier today:

A tremendous act of empathy from the King of the Sound indeed! Let all “Now” skeptics be soothed; we are in for something truly special come June 24th.

Listen to Ephemeral below and download here! Stay connected with Bassnectar on Facebook and Twitter as we approach #NVSB day.