Though there is yet to be a release date for Porter Robinson’s debut LP Worlds, the hype is palpable. If the hype were a ball pit, I would be a little kid trying to push my way through and failing miserably.

Following the release of ‘Sea Of Voices,’ Porter revealed that “the next thing that will come out will be our attempt at a radio single.” And so we’re given ‘Sad Machine.’ From Daily Beat, “It’s a beautiful tune, with a simplistic catchy drop and includes cool/eery vocaloid generated vocals.” Curiously enough, it features a duet between Robinson (making his vocal debut) and Vocaloid, a synth that recreates the human singing voice.

While not too different from M83 or The M Machine, from whom Porter has said before that he draws influence, the new track is a definite shift in style for Porter himself. The single will be available on iTunes tomorrow, May 13th. Read what the man himself had to say and listen to the track below:

I’d used Vocaloid as the vocals for several of the songs on Worlds, and then the idea of a duet between a lonely robot girl and the human boy who encounters her occurred to me. I didn’t have much time before I had to turn in the entire album, so I just sang the male parts. I wanted something that felt distantly sad, a little cute, surreal, hopeful, and maybe somehow evocative of fiction?


Source: The Fader