Sebastian Carter is known for bringing enriched productions every time he exits the studio. Deep house is his specialty, but that doesn’t mean that’s all he gets his hands dirty with. His latest production, a remix of “You” by The 1975, is rampant with chill-wave tendencies that consume and relieve your senses. Even the guitar has overly soothing qualities similar to that of the voice of Matthew Healey. The 1975 is no small band, so doing justice to their 2012 single is no easy task, yet the Swiss producer passes the mark with flying colors. There’s something very freeing about this song, but what exactly it is that makes it so touching would only be speculation on my part (Probably, it’s the combination of everything). You can download the song for free through the link below; if you want to also heart it on Hypem you may do so here.

Free Download