“If you do something for the first time, it always has a risk that it can fail.”

Innovation is everything, and last Friday Booka Shade made history by coordinating a cell phone orchestra at a gig in Berlin by instructing fans to sporadically hold up their smart phones when cued throughout their 45 minute performance.

In order to create this interactive experience for the audience, Vodafone helped make an app as part of its Firsts Program for fans to download onto their smart phones. They then were instructed by large screens around the venue when to hold up their devices and hit “Go”, transforming their phones into “synchronized projectors of sound and light that worked in tandem with the music being played from the stage.”

Since people seemed to be locked into their phones at shows anyway, this was a way for Booka Shade to bring it back to the music as well as getting the audience involved.

Hopefully if you wanted to participate, you don’t own an Android like myself, because we all know that battery ain’t lasting through the show.

Check out the short video below documenting the planning process and final results of the ingenious and interactive performance idea.

Source: thenextweb