17-year old Swedish producer Herman Olvik, under the alias OLWIK, hits us with another astonishing track to add to the books. If you’ve been following him at all, you’ve seen that he is quickly climbing the ranks of the electronic dance music industry, and after hearing this track, it’s clear to us that he isn’t going to stop any time soon. When your ears tune in to his signature progressive house sound, it’ll become easily recognizable why Olvik (OLWIK) is backed by increasing support from DJs worldwide. This round, OLWIK takes a song we’ve all been accustomed to hearing out and about, and puts his own twist and flavor interwoven throughout. His smooth melody, driving beat, and abundance of energy really meshes well with Maroon 5’s original sound. We’re excited for this release, and future releases to come from the young Herman Olvik, and we think you should be too!