Recently revealed as a very wealthy young Scottish musician, Calvin Harris came from the successes of his last album 18 Months and delivered the single “Summer” with tremendous critical acclaim. In establishing a literal summer anthem for 2014, Mr. Harris has set up the season for new demand to hear the original and the remixes to come. Thankfully, a new one has surefaced for all electro house fans.

Up-and-comer Elephante has decided to take “Summer” and strip the original’s dance-pop elements and replace them for an electrified progressive explosion. It adds the extra velocity that fuels every listeners fire with uplifting synths and piano. But this song adds trap-like drum lines giving this remix more flavor than many remixes have to offer. Just like his many other remixes for Afrojack, Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, Lorde, and more, Elephante will be embarking from the underground and possibly rise to main stages of North America and eventually the world.

Check out the song below and grab it for free while it is still available. Also leave your comments and ratings on what you thought of Elephante’s remix of “Summer” by Calvin Harris.