You know who know’s a thing or a million about house music? DJ Dan. Based in Los Angeles, this electronic luminary was been in the game even a bit before I was born. Since then, Dan has strongly helped to establish the West Coast scene while pushing numerous records and playing a countless number of shows; one of which involved a hostile club goer who wasn’t happy with Dan’s musical choices.

As far as Dan’s choices and music goes, they are spot on, too. Just take his latest project, being an album entitled Nothing But A Party that holds twenty tracks; ten of which can be heard through the stream below. Even if it were just these ten singles, you’d be satisfied beyond any doubt. There’s something undeniably classic about Dan’s productions; I’d single one of them out, but they all exude that quality with a modern freshness that also cannot be ignored. He has stood the test of time and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Get your dancing shoes on, because the funk has been brought. Favorites off the album include “Back The Funk Up” and “Funky Fish Parade,” but just know it’s not easy to pick a favorite. Collaborators on the album are listed as Mike Balance and DJ Mes, along with TJR, WhiteNoize, UMEK and a handful of others. Let yourself loose because right now, it’s Nothing But A Party.

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