Need a does of some European flavor? Say no more, because the Vendetta EP from Dizkodeath and friends is here for you. Jet Set Trash Records backed this project that features an original accompanied by three remixes. In it’s original form, “Vendetta” is an attractively haunting French electro track that embodies the composed aggression one feels on a revenge-based journey. When the aggression can’t be contained, that’s when M.A.D.E.S remix comes in with it’s hardcore bassline that pummels into your ear drums. The next remix, from Krftkds, jumps up to 130 bpms to take all the emotion from the previous tracks and makes you feel the energy even more. Lying in between the paces of the rest, Freak Slaughters remix is the middle ground. It has the best of both worlds, so to speak; the humility and the bellicose are exemplified by the last of the bunch. All are available for purchase through Beatport, so click the link below and make these tunes yours.

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