First off, I know that this song and music video were previously covered on the site, but I wanted to elaborate on the message.  “White Snow”, an infectious new single by young vocalist Alexa Lusader (produced by Cody Tarpley) has a meaning that goes beyond the surface.  In addition to the actors featured in this 5-minute video, video production team, Eightfold Marketing & Creative has done a fantastic job of creating a scene that a lot of us find familiar: making the choice to overcome some form of addiction.

As most of us know, we frequently face peer pressure both as teenagers and adults.  We face the pressure to do drugs, to drink, to have sex, to do well in school, to do what our parents want us to do, to bully someone, to lie, etc.  Some of us then fall victim to that pressure and become addicted because it makes us fit in or because it makes the pain go away temporarily.  “White Snow” is painting this picture for us because we can all relate.  We might not all have a drug addiction, but we each understand succumbing to some form of pressure.

Lusader is challenging us though.  She is challenging us to rise above that pressure and that addiction and to start making our own decisions.  We each were blessed with the power of free will so why not use it?  The power to choose is something that no one can take from you, no matter how much they try to control you.  You have to believe that.  Never let someone get in the way of your path to success or happiness.  You are going to face a lot of challenges throughout life, but you have to learn to overcome them.

In addition, Lusader is challenging us to become who we are and not who we want to be.  Embrace yourself, embrace your identity and never lose sight of that.  If you do, it is essential to take steps to find yourself because the satisfaction of becoming who you are is priceless.

Lusader is a young female who has endured this pressure that we all find familiar.  She has made her choice though.  She has found her strength and has chosen to be herself and to not let this pressure control her life anymore.  The question is…will you do the same?

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