Given that Stephen Vasquez is also a film maker, it’s not unforeseen that Fight Clvb would film their secret show. A secret show that took place on April 3rd in the subways of New York city with friends, fans and strangers who just happened to be on the subway at the right time. That’s right, Stephen, Carly and Mystereo performed in a train, as well as on the platform in the underground parts of the place they currently call home. Equipped with a tablet, an amp, a microphone, and a cameraman, the three created a predominantly black and white video you get first from Your EDM TV. Art is a way of life; Fight Clvb live that life every day and this video is just one example of their creative specialties. If you are unfamiliar with these guys, then check out some of their releases we have featured before. After you check out the video, of course.