After rounding up his 12-city Redux tour (which included confronting a ticket scalper), Kaskade took to his Tumblr to wrap up his thoughts on a post called “The Kids Are Alright.” 

He opened up about the difference in how he imagined the tour’s crowd versus reality:

“In my mind, before it all happened, the clubs would be filled with the heads that supported me early in my career. The friends and family who had been there for the entire ride…But the reality was different; the old school was accompanied by an audience that was young and vibrant. It was diverse. The new kids showed up. Shoulder-to-shoulder with each other, the old and the new. And yes, some of the new guys showed up with glowsticks and invited the wrath of the Guardians of Redux.”

Upon observing the dynamics between the old and new fans, where the old school crowd put up a “velvet rope” that wasn’t so easy for the younger, newer ones to cross, Kaskade concluded, “But what I see is that they’re not doing it wrong, they’re just doing it differently,” noting that music brought the two generations together to equally enjoy the experience. “A dream scenario,” to describe in his words.

As articulate and insightful as always, Kaskade concisely sums up the Redux tour — and possibly music overall: “This music is at its core about diversity and acceptance.”

Watch his show from San Francisco below, which he shared with a complete tracklist at the end of his post, and read his full Tumblr post here.

Photo Credit: thisisadynasty