We all know that incredible feeling when you’re in the club and the bass hits you just perfectly. Imagine if you could have that feeling in your own home, your car, the train, practically anywhere. That is the Sub Pac.

When we got out Sub Pac, we opened it up and at first look it looks like a massage cover for a chair. Attached to the Sub Pac is a little black box, this box is for you to control the intensity of the bass. You read that right, intensity of the bass.
The first track we tested it with was Gesaffelstein’s Hellifornia. Instantly the Sub Pac kicked right into action, but it was completely silent. There was no heavy bass sounds, only the track itself. The bassline was seemingly separated from the headphones and sent to the Sub Pac while everything else went to the headphones.
The second track we tested out was a little less bass heavy. That song was Clean Bandit’s Rather Be. For this we turned up the intensity of the bass, closed our eyes and it was like being in the club in our own office.
The third track we decided to test was about as bass heavy as one can get. Now Sub Pac doesn’t recommend turning the intensity up all the way as tempting as it is. For Excision and Datsik’s Vindicate we couldn’t resist. From the second we pressed play it was a non stop roller coaster of bass and chills from the music.
Because we love our readers and we want YOU to be able to experience The Sub Pac,we decided to partner up to bring you a chance to win your very own Sub Pac.