It’s name is undeniably cheesy but the content definitely isn’t. With a varied track-list featuring names like Astronaut, Barely Alive, Dodge & Fuski, Diamond Eyes, and even Pegboard Nerds; it is apparent that this is a seriously impressive compilation. With electro, dubstep, and a variety of genre-bending and hybrid tracks this Total EDM Volume 1 has a little bit for everyone.

My favorites:

Apollo – Astronaut
A strong electro mix from one of the best out there, Astronaut is a perfect opening to any set or album. Glitch influence on the drops adds the perfect vibe to this multi-genre compilation, and can be found in almost every track on the album, making it all mesh seamlessly together despite the variance in artists represented.

Keyboard Killer – Barely Alive Ft. Splitbreed
Splitbreed‘s new-wave rap influence on the electronic dance music game has been absolutely stunning, with features on absolute hits from Pegboard Nerds, Barely Alive, and more; this isn’t the last you’ll hear of them on this compilation. Barely Alive meanwhile brings their next level glitchy dubstep production that has already been recognized as the “next big thing.”

Nightlife – Diamond Eyes
Diamond Eyes‘ spooky melodies build alongside a perfect vocal mix to a melodic dubstep drop that fits perfectly in this mix and the entire compilation. Vocal chop breakdowns round out the perfection that is this simple, yet catchy tune.

High Roller – Pegboard Nerds Ft. Splitbreed (Far Too Loud Remix)
By far my favorite of the original and every remix and bootleg that I’ve heard done, Far Too Loud’s rendition of Pegboard Nerds and the EDM/rap gods Splitbreed‘s hit High Roller, the inclusion of this into Total EDM Volume 1 is most gracious. As it thumps to a close, the only question must be: what’s next?

Brownie Fever – Centron
By far my favorite of the smaller releases featured on this compilation, and previously unknown to me, Brownie Fever by Centron is a gem. Pluck melodies and sliding synth risers lead to a dubstep drop that is hiding a marvel of a surprise. The sample “listen to the organ play” comes in unexpectedly along with clashing, intricate synth lines that really gets your feet moving. A sexy, unperturbed and bass-filled organ line lead into a perfect breakdown to round out this unique jam.

How U Feelin’ – Pegboard Nerds
Simple samples and uplifting stutter synths prove to be a perfect closer (though not the last in the compilation). A very chilled out summer track, this makes you want to put down the top and cruise. Simple, effective, with top notch production; this is what EDM is about.

All-in-all this is a great compilation that is definitely worth a purchase of the entire album. Total EDM Volume 1 is a multi-genre display of production strength and a perfect summer-time album to kick off your festival season. Pick it up on iTunes here!