While his Subculture label has recently been abuzz with releases, the legendary John O’Callaghan has been quite silent on the production front this year. Sure, he recently remixed Heal This Empty Heart by Giuseppe Ottaviani and Unfamiliar Truth by Lange, but he hasn’t had a proper single since I’ll Follow, and that was all the way back in July of 2013! While his skills are primarily focused towards the decks, he does contain a unique brand of fantastic Uplifting Trance and many fans have been craving for more of the big man’s productions. Now, we wait no more, as the highly anticipated single of One Special Particle has finally been revealed. This track has been hinted at for months by many top DJ’s such as Bryan Kearney, Adam Ellis and more, but really got its headstart when it was performed during his B2B set with Aly & Fila in Utrecht, The Netherlands for the ASOT 650 celebrations. Since its official announcement, it also picked up support from high end DJ’s such as Sneijder, Mark Sherry and Armin van Buuren. Now released on his own personal label, One Special Particle clearly reminds us why he is one of the dominant Trance forces in the entire world.




One Special Particle dabbles into a little bit of everything this time around, as the sounds of Uplifting, Tech and Techno all come together for a blistering journey of the senses. That last part is aptly apparent in the beginning of the piece, where the combined force of beastly basskicks and liquified basslines quickly batters us against the concrete wall with terrifying lust and conviction in the unique Techno sound that JOC is notorious for. Over time, a simple, yet hopeful piano ostinato continues to chip away at the coarse edges of its Techno fortress until the flow of caressing strings completely envelop the beginning with creamy, velvet-like harmonic lines. Suddenly, a distinct melodic line pierces the delicacy of the breakdown, which sends an iconic, ringing melody towards the listener’s ears. The accelerating energy and drive continue to switch between grand showmanships and subdued conversations, as the final buildup reveals a massive drop that is drenched in subversive basslines and computerized synth lines. The entire orchestration is perfectly balanced and the entire impact of this powerful release is one that can easily knock the strength out of your legs and heart.

John O’Callaghan‘s brilliant new single, One Special Particle, is out now on the mighty Subculture Records via Beatport, so make sure you grab a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q