Canadian beat-maker and professional napper, Sleepy Tom, is back again! Following his release of The Currencythe Vancouver native brings us a banging two-track EP under the title Jobless.

Featuring collabs with Krusha and Juan TonSleepy Tom‘s trademark hybrid-club sound is well represented here. The title track ‘Jobless’ is a hectic, thumping ode to the self-driven dreamer; cries of ‘don’t make me go to work’ echo over a B-more club drum pattern and perfectly placed blips and beeps reminiscent of tech-house. ‘Karaoke’ takes on a more big-room influenced sound while still utilizing elements of club music, creating a bouncy yet heavy tune ready to make bootys pop all over the dance floor.

Sleepy Tom is once again releasing his music through Fool’s Gold Records and the EP can be purchased in it’s entirety on Beatport. Check out the stream below and be sure to pick up a copy of Jobless if you’re enjoying the tunes!

Sleepy Tom

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