Don’t let it be so. As stoked as I am for the combination of Skrillex and Dillon Francis – which is resulting in both the Mothership Tour and an upcoming collaboration on a remix for Elliphant – Dillon’s cheerful heart belongs with his true love, Taco Bell. It remains to be seen if Skrillex has any intentions of stealing Dillon away, but we’re going to see what we come up with that can point us in the direction of the truth.

Let’s get to the relationship between Dillon and Taco Bell, first and foremost. There have been some rocky times, but isn’t that the case with all relationships? Although things are on good terms, there still is some reservation going on from each party. Maybe some things were done that shouldn’t have been done, sure, but things are looking up for both of the lovers and lot of maturing has taken place since the breakup. Of course, Taco Bell is a part of the largest fast food company, Yum!, and Dillon is still unraveling “Get Low” with a lot of attention and success. Not to mention, he has his album coming out with Columbia and Mad Decent. With these in mind, along with the current mending of the relationship, maybe we will get back to the days where things like this were said:

Now, as a friend (more of just a social media stalker I guess) of Dillon’s too, I must weigh the full situation instead of just simply choosing one side and defending. Let’s see more in depth where Dillon is at right now, with a focus on the relationship with his fellow Los Angeles native, Skrillex.

First off, you have to admit they look so precious together. They also (most likely) sound amazing together since their upcoming remix of “Only Getting Younger” by Elliphant is finished, but yet to be released. Of course, the Mothership Tour is en route with much success so far; it’s a venture that will bring people closer than you could ever imagine. I mean, they probably sleep on the same tour bus and there are no parents around to halt any sort of inappropriate activity. They are free to do as they please, even to the point of joining the cyber-ruffian Deadmau5 on a coffee run together. Let’s hope Skrillex is just taking the position of BFF; if not, let’s hope that he is not taking lessons from Dillon’s friend Greg, the mastermind of the pick-up line. Maybe we can even have Greg weigh in on the situation sometime soon.

We can only speculate as to what is going on and what the future will hold for this triangle. We know two things for sure though: Dillon Francis and Skrillex have finished a single together, as well as Dillon and Taco Bell share the kind of love that few get to experience. Alright, maybe one can be, probably, labeled as an opinion, but if you don’t know which one that would be, then I’m just going to leave that to you to figure out.