Given that my car stereo has a broken auxiliary jack and a CD player that seems to only play when it’s hot outside, I listen to the radio sometimes. Which means I hear “Loyal” by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and French Montana nearly every time the radio comes on, usually because I’ve given up trying to play a CD. I’d much rather be listening to music like the remix of “Loyal” by HighLight and Loralz, who turned the hip-hop hit into a twerk tune. So get your power stance ready and your booties in position, because the shakin’ will commence once the drop hits. Even before that, you may get the itch to start moving, but when the rising chorus comes out of the speakers is when things will really start to get wild. Things might even get buckwild; you never know what’s going to happen when Fatman Scoop finds his way into the mix. All in all, this freebie from HighLight and Loralz is what you need to turn up your Friday night.

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