Just over a week ago Bassex released his two-track EP, ‘Timebomb,’ which was comprised of more bass than the sea itself. (See what I did there?) Your EDM was lucky enough to get an inside look at the thought process that went into the making of “Timebomb” and “Hit The Floor,” as well as get to know the man behind them. Check it out below!

Seeing as your from San Francisco, what’s it like producing EDM in a place where the music scene is so huge? Do you ever feel like you have to compete against genres?

BASSEX: I don’t think I fully appreciated SF until recently moving down to LA for school and being so far from the scene I grew up in for so long. Don’t get me wrong, the events here are awesome and have met a ton of friends, but it seems like the Bay Area was one big happy family…could just be my perspective. It definitely seems like the majority of artists getting booked are playing more “marketable” music however whats currently ‘in’ will most likely be gone in a few months so I’ve just been trying to do me…not to say I haven’t been fucking around with trap and deep house beats haha.

You’ve been around for a few years now, do you feel like your sound has changed or evolved in any way?

BASSEX: From constantly pushing my production and through all of life’s influences and interactions, I try to keep my music evolving and push limits on new genres. Recently, I’ve been trying to let things flow as they come instead of forcing or having expectations on a track which has not only been more fun, but a ton easier and less stressful. Sometimes I’ll sit down in my session and work on the usual or i’ll find myself randomly starting an island reggae jam or new hip-hop beat…some songs never see the light of day but it’s important to just keep things flowing. Coming from a background of live music and recently working with a few bands, I plan on adding more live elements into my tunes to give more energy and bits of life. Also would be cool to jam on guitar/synths during my live sets.

You seem to alternate between electro and dubstep a lot; do you have a preference?

BASSEX: I first became interested in producing after recording an album with my neighbors in their garage. I played keys/synth for the group which was my first stepping stone into electronic music. I became interested in electro house and heavier types of bass music which led to my remix of ‘Psychopath’ which I would call the birth of Bassex. From then on, I had a vision of exactly the type of music I wanted to make. Although i’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different types of music, I’ll always have a place in my heart for dubstep.

In your latest EP you definitely go in on the dubstep. What influenced you in making this decision?

BASSEX: I’ve been working on these two songs for a while now and always had a vision of releasing them together. Both tracks were fun to make in different ways and glad to have them both finished and available for my fans thanks to yourEDM records. I started ‘Timebomb’ as an experiment with mid-tempo and was stoked when it finally started coming together. I do have to say ‘Hit the Floor’ is probably my favorite track to play out recently because the crowd seems to go crazy for it which is one of the greatest feelings as a producer.

The electro you produce always sounds so different then your dubstep (which you go hard as hell on), what’s it like when you get in the zone to produce for each genre?

BASSEX: Producing dubstep flows a little easier then electro house for me due to the fact I’ve just spent more time with 140bpm. Getting into the zone is usually just finding that initial inspiration that dictates the rest of the track. The harder I try to ‘get in the zone’ the further away I usually get from it haha. Sometimes it just takes messing around with a vocal sample (For example, the scream in ‘Hit the Floor’) or creating new patches. With that initial idea and a few weeks of no sunlight, I end up with a finished track.

Are there any other EDM genres you plan on working with for future releases?

BASSEX: I have a few new projects in the works messing around with new styles and tempos that I haven’t decided whether to release as Bassex or under a new alias. I’ve also been working with some amazing vocalists and musicians trying to push my music to the next level with both production and emotion in order to create more of an experience alongside my tunes. Also, I linked up with a band from the bay area and formed a new live dubstep/rock project titled ‘Audio Alpha’ which i’ve been writing and producing for. We’re putting together an album which we plan to tour and play out live which is something i’ve been really excited about and working hard to achieve. I posted up some clips on my Soundcloud if you guys want to check it out! Don’t forget to peep my latest release ‘Timebomb EP’ available on Beatport and iTunes via YourEDM Records. Thanks YourEDM.com for the <3 and support!

Beatport: Bassex – Timebomb EP