Celldweller is one of the more creative people in the music scene, even if he is not the biggest. He’s already taken the steps to score Act One of an E-book, but now we have Act Two: Awakening which has six tracks contained within it. One of those songs being “Venus Rising” that we have the chance to premiere to you. In keeping in mind that these songs go in conjunction with a story, you can be sure that they are very cinematic in nature, producing the sense that you should totally be watching a movie. Instead, it’s a book and you have to produce the visuals yourself with your immaculate imagination. That’s easy when you have a riveting composition like you have with “Venus Rising.” The French electro original is super chill, but it has that inescapable groove that makes you realize that this is indeed still a electronic dance record. A record that comes out tomorrow with the rest of the singles, as well as the E-book for you readers out there.