We saw it done with deadmau5, and now Kaskade is hopping aboard the independent band-wagon. Due to unleash plans for his personal portal, which will more successfully deliver music to his fans, we anxiously await it’s inception. This idea has only been spurred forward with the recent Soundcloud controversy, and his well-received response, concerning their removal of a majority of his tracks.

He recently sat down with Thump and is, reportedly, ready to “move forward with constructing my own portal where I can share what I like when I like.”

This was also confirmed on his Twitter:

With massive headlining slots at most of the worlds’ biggest EDM festivals and his recent split from Ultra Records, who can blame him? He even goes as far as mentioning Ultra‘s critical comparison of him to radio-popular acts like Calvin Harris and David Guetta.

“But,” Kaskade claims, “I don’t make records like that. I don’t know. That’s what they do. They do them, and I do me.”

He goes on to illuminate what his beliefs are in how to best reach fans:

“What’s most important to me is finding an outlet that will let me do what I do best. I’ve been cooking up my big plan for a couple years, [ever since] I saw that my contract was coming to an end. But… I’m not ready to talk about it just yet.”

So now we wait, will Kaskade father the next OWSLA or Mau5trap?