Producers are always looking for a way to better their marketing and their image. ToneDen is looking to make things much easier with their one-stop-shop that allows producers to create a website that hosts all of their social media, while also providing analytic services to help track statistics of their much needed tools, like Facebook and Soundcloud. If you were to create a profile, your page would host all of your other social media profiles, links and information for fans, bloggers, managers, labels and even investors to look through.

Aside from the website and analytic services, ToneDen also can generate press kits for producers to send out to blogs for possible coverage. It won’t replace your manager/PR person, but it will be as though you added another person to your team. Currently in beta, ToneDen offers free signups for anybody to try, however they also have pro accounts that cost $5 a month or $50 a year. I highly suggest this for any artist out there, big or small, because the tools they provide are an imperative if you really want to take your strategies next level. It also means more time for music, which is never bad. Ever.

ToneDen Website