Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy is crossing over into the EDM by pairing up with UK-based trap producer Gold Top. The track, titled “Gold Like This,” will be released under Dirty Duck Audio.

On collaborating with the rapper, Gold Top stated: “Since I was a child, I’ve always really enjoyed songs with those old-school hip-hop vibes, and the taste shows a reflection in a lot of the music I produce… Collaborating with Soulja Boy was really a dream come true and I was more than satisfied with the outcome of the track. The guys from Dirty Duck Audio have believed in my vision since day one, and working with them for this project was a blast.”

The teaser video, below, doesn’t reveal very much but you can go to Billboard for the full track, where bass and snare meet Soulja Boy’s vocoder-heavy lyrics of his gold posessions.

“Gold Like This” will be out June 9.

Source: Billboard

Photo Credit:, Gold Top