Netsky makes his return with this single from his upcoming album coming out later this year. Sounding less and less like his first album, this track is very poppy but still has that classic drum & bass sound. In fact, it even sounds a little Chase & Status-esque. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s actually really good for introducing people to drum & bass who might have had hesitations about it before.

Fans would be interested to know that this track is actually being released through Sony and not Hospital RecordsNetsky has been with Hospital for at least as long as I’ve been listening to him, so this comes as a bit of a shock. Though not indicative of any future releases, it’s still something to consider.

The single will be released on August 17th, so be on the look out for a pre-order link.

Also, this SoundCloud comment from Ryan Clark 120 – “Netsky was born on the planet krypton with superman but he eats kryptonite for breakfast his only weakness is, well he doesn’t seem to have any!” Okay, buddy. Cool off on the corn flakes.