There are times when you find an artist and you are baffled that they aren’t more known. Then there are times when you find an artist and you think the whole internet is playing a joke on you because the raw talent one expresses is limited to less than 1,000 fans. Said The Sky emailed me his EP, Faith, which completely blew my mind and I almost imploded because this guy’s following is in its infancy. However, his musical gift will be shared with the world in no time; he’s just one of those people who is destined for the top.

Said The Sky possess both the incredible musical talent and production skills that are necessary to make it big. He plays into both of his strengths, utilizing piano heavily throughout his productions in conjunction with superior sound design, most notably in the neuro basses that can be found in all of his singles on Faith. You get the most bass with “Everything” which starts off the EP quite perfectly and ever so celestially; piano and an inspiring vocal speech lead you into what is to come. That being some of the most beautifully epic music you are going to hear. Said The Sky is releasing Faith for free, so you get this treasure box of goodies for only a few link clicks.

Free Download