It’s a glorious day for bassheads everywhere as the dynamic duo Pegboard Nerds is back on Monstercat, this time with yet another hard-hitting dubstep tune. Featuring masterfully crafted buildups, uplifting lead synths, and devastating drops rife with some of gnarliest growls out there, this monstrous track has it all and so much more! This huge original even manages to incorporate some big room influences without making me want to smash myself in the head with a fire extinguisher or other various blunt objects, which is really saying something. I also really appreciate how they switched things up a bit for the second drop; even though it was only for a few measures, it was just enough to help keep me interested in the track. And can we please take a second to talk about how amazing that melody is? Infectious doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

After the Nerds released a few electro tracks in a row earlier this year (Bassline Kickin’ and their remix of ‘Wonder’ by Adventure Club), some people out there were worried that they had abandoned their roots in dubstep/glitch-hop for a more commercial sound. However, ‘Here It Comes,’ along with their previous release ‘Hero,’ should be more than enough to put those ridiculous concerns to rest.

Check out the track below and don’t forget to support it on Beatport or Bandcamp!