The unique, euphoric talents of Norfolk’s own Dan Stone has been an absolute boon throughout the Proglifting community as of late, and his playful, energetic pieces have proudly secured the Pure Trance mantra through the myriad of today’s specialized sounds. He has been one of the most reliable and consistent artists within the entire Trance circuit and his blistering sound designs fiercely emulates his strong, emotive skills as a producer. Dan‘s stellar works have been featured in both A State Of Trance and Trance Around The World, and has been a fan favorite for the Anjunabeats family; (especially with his solo remix to the iconic Alt+F4 single). He’s certainly been busy over the past several months though, as his collaborations between industry titan Woody van Eyden on Chambray and upcoming star Max Braiman on Submerge have garnered a fervent buzz within the Trance community about the future of this promising talent. After his last single of Hermana, Dan now returns to Digital Society Recordings with a brand new track entitled Orinoco, which received the nod of approval from Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila and Sied van Riel.

Orinoco begins at a vibrant, cheery pace, as snappy percussion sections and brisk basslines closely embrace the innocence of its repetitive piano line. Within the breakdown, a myriad of colors such as female vocal timbres, panning synth volleys and coarse, yet gentle oscillator rips gently float among a beautifully smooth string section as the return of Dan‘s illustrious piano lines begin a wonderful tale of hope and perseverance. The sounds seem to swirl around the melodic conversation and each instrument reflects a certain character that is exceedingly rare to come by nowadays. Suddenly, the piano is placed aside as a gleaming Progressive synth begins the rapid ascent towards the climax of the piece. Finally, with the onset of thunderous drums and increasing ferocity, Orinoco releases into a euphoric drop that parts the clouds and allows the sun to shine through on a perfect, windy day. Listeners are quickly swept off their feet by the liveliness of the melody and the whirlwind of feel good timbres both refreshes and invigorates the soul within.

Dan Stone‘s brand new single, Orinoco, is now available on DS-R Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q