E3 week means one thing: video games. What’s more appropriate the day after Nintendo’s session than a Zelda influenced single from Black Tiger Sex Machine? I’d fare to say nothing. Given that “Ocarina” is a free download too, it seals the deal. This Canadian trio have always kept things interesting with their house music and this one is no different. Well, it is; see the thing is these guys manage to stay fresh and always bring a new sound to the table, whether it’s super dark electro, big room type stuff (trust me, it’s good), or whatever you can call what they did with Snails that is some of the dopest stuff you will hear. What we have today is another interpretation that doesn’t really fall under any one category. Once you hear the mind-numbing bassline and the hoover bass you’ve already been infected, because this Kannibalen Records release has an alluring charm only Link could rival. Although, this is much darker than he. Grab the track below and stay tuned for an EP from the BTSM crew next month in July!

Free Download