Don’t think just because this is a giveaway for a bottle and a table means that people under the age of twenty one can sneak in for free booze. Sorry, not sorry. However, if you are at or above the drinking age, you have the opportunity to win these prizes for Spring Awakening‘s After Party this Saturday at DJ Mag’s highest rated intimate club in the United States, Spybar. Even though SAMF is going to be popping off, the more fun you can have the better, which is why this after party is going to be a huge one. Playing the Chicago event will be Inphinity & Kalendr, Phil Groves, as well as the new deep house duo formed by Dom & Fei (of Porn & Chicken), who will be making their debut performance as Black & Yellow. You can get to enjoy all of them with a free bottle and table to sit at if you enter and are chosen as our winner!

Spring Awakening After Party VIP in Giveaways on LockerDome