Blunt Sinatras have put out booty music before and the chances are they are going to do it again. Their most recent work, a remix of “Pursuit” from Gesaffelstein, graced the net as a free download when they reached 420 Facebook fans. This retwerk echoes the original in style, but the Bostonites junglify the French electro original to deliver a bangin’ edit. They even throw some dembow near the end to ring in some cool moombah vibes that you know I’m a huge fan of. You may hear more stuff like this, original material though, or you may hear something completely different on Blunt Sinatras upcoming EP, Blunted. As a part of the campaign for that, you get this free download and the chance to partake in some social media fun. Only if you are a fan of mary jane, because these guys want fans to hashtag the EP name (#Blunted) on a picture of what they are smoking. Potheads just love to share, don’t they?

Free Download