If there was one AMA ever for an electronic music figure, I think the scene would have to go with Tommie Sunshine. You might as well deem him a scholar, aside from a DJ/producer and his knowledge goes well outside the realm of music. With the amount of things Tommie has potential to share, the AMA he is doing at 5PM PST on June 17th could turn out to be one of the biggest and most in depth the electronic music subreddit has seen yet. Delve into the history of dance music, talk production, debate drugs and social policies or just ask something as simple as his favorite meal. I can even see things getting all mooshy and cute if someone asks about love and his wife Daniela. Whatever you ask about, just ask something.

Tommie will be doing this AMA straight from EDMBiz, which takes place the few days before EDC in Las Vegas. Many big time industry names will be there with Tommie being one of the many speakers at the conference. A lot of knowledge will be spread in those few days and the AMA should serve up a lot of it. Get ready, because it’s coming!

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