Sampling has always been a controversial issue pretty much since its invention in the 60s when people manipulated tape loops and vinyls on phonographs. On one hand, if used correctly (and moderately), one can take an aspect or phenomenon of a piece of music and expand on it and create something completely different and fresh. On the other hand, if the technique gets used too much, it can lead to monotonous, overused sounds and ultimately, boring, monotonous music (*cough* big room house *cough*). Recently, The GRAMMYS changed their stance on the issue.

At its annual spring meeting, The Recording Academy’s Board of Trustees approved quite a few changes to the GRAMMY Awards. Changes include renaming the “Dance/Electronica” field and album category to “Dance/Electronic Music,” and more importantly, allowing samples and interpolations of currently existing songs in all song categories.

So what does this mean? It means that in a few years, we’ll start hearing the “Pryda Snare” in Taylor Swift songs. Yay!

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