A large drug scare last September concerning molly caused UMass Amherst to cancel shows from Above & Beyond and Pretty Lights, and the university later issued a statement banning all EDM events in the future.

Well, four days ago, ABC 40 News Springfield reported that the university had lifted the ban, just not right away. Events will return starting with the first one on September 19th, 2014 at the Mullins Center. “It’s a different time and place,” said Ed Blaguszewski, UMass Amherst Spokesperson. “Our sense from public health and police is that the availability of the drug is not really at the level it was before. It’s not an epidemic.”

However, in light of past events including overdoses and multiple hospital visits, these events will be handled with much more care. NV Concepts, the promoter that runs most of the shows at the venue, has pledged to provide free water on the floor at all of their events. Additionally, the campus will be doubling security inside and outside and will be installing a triage center for anyone under the influence, as well as placing an additional 13 EMT at the events. UMass has made it very clear, Mullins Center is a zero tolerance venue, and while glow-sticks, lights and kandi are welcome – drugs and alcohol will not be tolerated.


Source: ABC 40