Add another honor on the list for Armin Van Buuren. With a lengthy index already – that consists of a royal decree, a key to the city of Leiden, a performance with the royal orchestra, a Grammy nomination, numerous #1 spots on DJ Mag lists and a release through Disney – this accolade from Madame Tussauds in the form of a historic sculpture of the Dutch producer is one of the most notable yet. He joins the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin, Princess Diana and even Hitler (lol), who is in the Chamber of Horrors. This sculpture marks the first time ever an electronic music producer has been molded.

Aside from seeing the artwork displayed, you get to see some behind the scenes action to get an idea of just how they create these masterpieces. The detail is astounding, going so far as getting Philips headphones and his wedding ring, not to mention all the minutiae in the sculpture itself. In the video, you can even see a woman putting each hair in the head individually. Like Armin said, the detail and passion that went into the creation of this – and all the other wax sculptures – is extraordinary. Take a gander at the process below and if you are unfamiliar with the illustrious career that Armin has had, then you should do some digging.