Youtube is jumping on the same ship as Soundcloud. It may be a different part of the ship, but their rash decision of blocking independent artists who don’t sign up for their new music streaming service is just as atrocious as Soundcloud’s rampage against unofficial remixes (which deals heavily with indie musicians). Each of them have opened a can of beef they aren’t prepared to handle. Indie artists could be oppressed in the past, but now they are becoming harder and harder to tame. So, let’s ask, why the hell are they rocking the boat?

The answer isn’t surprising: major labels. In a deal struck by Youtube and major labels, the video service will soon be blocking videos by artists whose labels have not signed on with the new terms. This will certainly effect many artists, even up to the likes of Jack White and Adele, who could have their content squashed by Youtube. Of course, the new subscription service means that another revenue strain will be added to Youtube, as if they need more money. Youtube is one of the best marketing tools for artists and the company is choosing to banish their own users for the sake of more money. I just find that a little disgusting. If you want your platform to be “an amazing music experience, both as a global platform for fans and artists to connect” then you probably shouldn’t do something that will piss off the masses for special interests.

Source: The Verge