The only opinionated statement I will make in this writeup: if this track does not get AT LEAST a 9/10, then I have no hope left for the EDM community. Considering this is ECHOS’ debut on the site, let me start off by introducing them. The recently put-together collaboration is comprised of singer-songwriter Lexi Norton and producer Tal Levy, one of who many of you may already be familiar with as he recently used to go by the alias Clark Kent, though has recently changed his alias to Koa. Now that I’ve established ECHOS’ identity, let me talk about this (incredible) remix.

From the very second the duo’s electronic rendition of the alternative hit “The Funeral” begins, you are engulfed by a musical dream. Built on a foundation of mystery, listeners are crept up on by shadowy synths before being immersed into a kaleidoscopic chorus and drop. Lexi’s intoxicating vocals and Tal’s powerful production guides listeners through intense waves of feels and emotion that leave you hypnotized. Press play and prepare to enter the realm of ECHOS.