Just when you thought you’d never have to hear #Selfie again, Botnek had to go and drop a tongue in cheek remix that reenergized the track with their signature sound design and trolling vocal sample (listen to the track here). The internet went crazy for the remix but some of us were still sitting back waiting for the #Selfie tide to relinquish it’s grip on pop culture.

Fast forward a few days and Miami’s trap phenom LooKas put his wizardly touch on the Botnek remix and provided a version that is not only listenable for the bass heads but incredibly entertaining. LooKas, who’s sixth sense might be a talent for enormous sounding trap bootlegs, dropped the track to half time and laced it with huge 808s and rolling snares that are sure to get the crowd bouncing.

It is festival season, so don’t expect #Selfie to be going any where, just pray that it is the LooKas trap bootleg.