LeKtriQue is a name that you need to know. It’s an imperative. If you like energetic bass music, then that is doubly so. His works in the past have blown my mind and his newest track, a remix for Gtronic of “Afterlight,” is one of his best works yet. LeKtriQue took the original and jampacked it with as much energy as he could to create a massive electro house composition that centers around our favorite thing: bass. His sound design is in line with his Kannibalen family; they all seem to have some of the cleanest productions any camp is putting out right now. Just take a listen to this remix and tell me that both drops don’t make you want to explode in the best way possible. You’ll think the first one is ridiculous, but then the second one just leaves you awestruck. Take home this gem for free by following the link below and watch out for LeKtriQue in the future. He’s here to stay and he has big things coming!

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