June has seen the passing of a milestone for Bear Grillz. The inscrutable beast from the Yosemite valley celebrated his 10,000 Facebook fans with a naked lady; what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful woman and a nip slip? Helping him get to that number was his newest work, a remix for his Firepower Records partner Datsik. “Automatik” came out January of last year and I’m glad BG took the time out of his day from slaying marmots to slay this single. It’s one of those remixes that is even better than the original; this original had Datsik and Messinian, so that should tell you how dope this version is. With top-shelf sound design focused upon two things – heavy & bass – this is just the kind of Firepower record every bass head will come back to again and again. Luckily, he’s released this goodie for free, so follow the link below to snag it!

Free Download