Frankie Bones is one of the biggest figures in American dance music culture. DANK is also somebody who has played a large role in the development of electronic music in the states, with remixes for mainstream artists and numerous releases through the biggest labels like Sony, RCA, Universal, Columbia and finally, Ultra, who is seeing the release of “My House.” This may sound familiar to some of you; “My House Is Your House” is a throwback jam by Frankie Bones that came out in 1990, but now we have the 2014 version with both Frankie and DANK at the creative helm. It’s been a long time since the original, original came out and dance music has come a long way since then. These two New Yorkers came together to bring a new life to the single that got many people into dance music back in the day. Now, they bring an equally potent track to even more ravers to commemorate the full history of American dance music scene.

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